Asian grocery Burwood

Quality Products - Asian, Chinese Grocery, Frozen and Fresh Food Store in Burwood

Fresh vegetable & Fruit, mushroom
Bitter gourd, Chinese Cabbage, lotus root, silk gourd, white gourd, taro, coriander, mint, Korean mushroom

Packed dry food
Tea, instant noodles, beans, sweets, drinks, cookies, cooking ingredients from various Asian countries

Fresh Processed Food:
Tofu, Fried Tofu, fresh noodles, Kimchi, steamed buns, and  sausage

Frozen food:
Various imported seafood, packed dumpling, sticky rice balls, fish balls, frozen fresh soya bean and meat etc.

Cooking and dinnerware particular to Asian food:
Wok, deep fry pan, steaming pot, soup pot, teapot, all types of chinaware.

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