Asian grocery Burwood

Experience the Best of Asian Cuisine at Our Supermarket in Burwood

Fresh Produce to Elevate Your Cooking

Hongmart specialise in providing a vast assortment of fresh vegetables and fruits direct from the best farms. Our range includes exotic selections like Bitter gourd, Chinese Cabbage, Lotus Root, and more. Alongside, we offer fresh herbs like coriander and mint, not forgetting the gourmet selection of Korean mushrooms, perfect for your Asian culinary adventures.

Pantry Essentials and Dry Goods

Navigate through our aisles to discover an extensive collection of packed dry foods. Our shelves are stocked with a variety of teas, instant noodles, beans, sweets, and drinks from across Asia. We're your one-stop shop in Burwood for all cooking ingredients, offering everything from spices to unique cookies, catering to the diverse palates of our customers.

Freshly Processed Foods for Quick Meals

Our supermarket takes pride in our selection of fresh processed food. From soft Tofu and crispy Fried Tofu to fresh noodles and aromatic Kimchi, each product promises authenticity and flavour. Additionally, we provide steamed buns and sausages, perfect for those looking for quick yet delicious meal options.

Frozen Delicacies

Explore our frozen food section for a wide range of imported seafood, ready-to-cook dumplings, sticky rice balls, fish balls, and more. Our frozen fresh soya bean and various meats ensure you have all you need for a traditional Asian feast, right here in our Burwood supermarket.

Cookware and Dinnerware

No Asian kitchen is complete without the right tools. Our Asian market in Burwood offers an exclusive collection of cooking and dinnerware suited to Asian cuisine. From Woks and deep fry pans to teapot sets and chinaware, you’ll find everything necessary to prepare and serve your meals in style.

Discover the rich flavours and traditions of Asian cuisine by visiting our supermarket in Burwood. We promise an enriching shopping experience that brings the authentic taste of Asia right to your kitchen.